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About my travel

Traveling is one of the activities I find most fulfilling. It lets me explore new parts of the world, connect with people of different cultures and learn about their traditions. My curiosity about different cultures is one of my main reasons for living in Dubai, where every day you interact with people from different nationalities. Besides Dubai, I’ve also lived in the Netherlands, where I grew up, as well as Spain, Morocco, Greece and Egypt. I’ve always taken every available opportunity to travel, so I frequently include travel in my work by giving seminars, speaking at conferences abroad and working for companies operating in multiple markets.

Japan conference

A truly life-changing trip Pakistan

One of my most special work trips was to Pakistan in 2018. At the request of the telecom company Telenor, I provided digital marketing workshops for their employees in Islamabad, as well as for their clients in Karachi. This trip made me keenly aware of how often perception and media influence don’t match reality, as I was amazed by the friendliness of the people, their strong English skills and their eagerness to learn and work hard. As I kept cultural differences in mind in my approach to the workshops, both I and the participants enjoyed the sessions immensely.

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Events I’ve been featured at

I’ve had the privilege of speaking at a variety of conferences all over the world. Sharing stories with people working in different cultures and hearing their experiences has broadened my knowledge and taught me new ways of working. It’s been an honor to present talks at the following conferences:

  • 2012: De Nederlandse Carrièredagen (Dutch Career days) – Amsterdam
  • 2016: Savage Marketing – Amsterdam
  • 2018: Search London
  • 2019: C3 Conference by Conductor – New York
  • 2019: International Search Summit – Barcelona
  • 2019: Digimarcon – Dubai
  • 2020: Digital Marketing Summit – Dubai