About my work

The last few years have seen me speaking at conferences in Dubai, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona and New York. View here some of the presentations I recently gave. If you’d like to invite me to speak at a conference or facilitate a workshop for your company, please reach out.

Career awards

In 2019, I visited New York to give a talk titled ‘International SEO and Beyond’ at the C3 Conference and to serve on a panel discussing the ROI of SEO. I was honored to receive a Searchie Award for Best Global SEO, especially as I was competing against SEO specialists from some big names such as Accenture, Citi, and Mercer.

C3 Conference
SEO award
C3 Conference panel

Featured in webinars

For the Tea Time SEO series organized by Authoritas, I discussed my experience on ‘Managing SEO Performance Across Remote Teams.’ One insight I shared about managing remote workers is that it’s important to set clear expectations and keep them accountable, as well as to define the expected work process and the formats of deliverables. I also talked about how people from different cultures bring different expectations of how employees should interact with managers. It’s important for supervisors to ask all their remote workers if they’d prefer being checked up on along the way or only to check in when they’ve completed their tasks.

Featured in articles

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